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    Mathieu Beausoleil commented  · 

    Gathering feedback? ok here it is:

    User Story: As a Airmail User, I want to create a template of a message so I don't always have to copy/paste content.

    Business Analysis: The objective is that the user can re-send the same email over and over. When a user is composing a message, he should be able to Save As Template (File > Save As Template). The user can then set a name and select a destination folder. The name could be unique to that folder. The next time the user want to send this message, he can open the folder and double click on the template. The message opens exactly as it was when it was saved (same as Draft). Once sent, the message remains is sent and the template stays in the template folder.

    Bonus feature: In a Compose Mail window, you can also import content from template by right clicking in the Body > Template > template name or via the menubar Composer > Template > template name

    Thanks for caring, feel free to make this happen :D

    Mathieu Beausoleil supported this idea  · 

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