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Choose an option from the new menu:Airmail’s latest feature is Snooze. This features allows you to snooze an email, which means it will disappear from you inbox, but return at the time you have chosen. It is a great tool to declutter you inbox without forgetting to answer those important emails.

The snooze feature was introduced with the Airmail 2.6 update. If you you can’t find the upgrade, make sure to update your app on the App Store.

The snooze feature can be activated by right clicking on an email in the message list

Set Snooze Defaults

1. Open Airmail App
2. Open Airmail Preferences (⌘,)
3. Click on the Snoozes Tab
4. The following menu will be displayed:


5. Choose you default snooze preference for each of the options.

Using Snooze Feature

1. To use the snooze feature, right click on any email in the inbox (tap with two fingers or ctrl + click).
2. Choose Snooze from the popup menu:


3. Choose an option from the new menu:


4. Each of the options above will use the default settings set in preferences. To choose a specific date, click on the Pick Date menu. Choose date and click on set snooze date.

5. Your email will now be moved to the snooze email, only to return on the time or date selected.

Where are the Snoozed emails located

Once an email has been snoozed, it is moved to the Snooze folder/label that Airmail App created. The snooze folder is located in the sidebar below the account folders/labels.

Tap on Snooze to see messages.


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