Troubleshooting | iCloud Sync

If you are experiencing any problems with iCloud sync, please look through these common problems associated with iCloud Sync.

Error Message: Verify your iCloud Credentials

If you receive the error 'Verify your iCloud Credentials' while trying to add an email account using iCloud Import, please check the following:

1. Tap on Settings on your iOS Device
2. Scroll down to iCloud and tap on it

If iCloud is not setup on your iOS device, please do it now. For help with this, visit

3. Tap on iCloud Drive

If iCloud Drive is not enabled, enable it now.

4. Enable Airmail App to use iCloud Drive.

5. Go back to Airmail and try to import your accounts.

Error Message: Disabled by System

If you see the error Disabled by System in Airmail's Settings, please follow the steps above. 

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