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Forgotten Attachment Option

It would be great to have a User selectable option that if I say "attach, attachment, attached, included, etc." in my email that the program will give me a warning if I hit send and there is no attachment.

There are plugins for Outlook and Gmail that do this, and it's a GREAT feature to have. Pain when you forget to attach something.

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Kray shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Karen commented  · 

    Yup, 90% happy with Airmail, just missing that.

  • Berge Alyanak commented  · 

    I'll add my two cents' worth here too. This would be awesome, yes!

  • Guilherme Lopes commented  · 

    Can we please have this option? Only feature I miss from using gmail web client.

  • Paul Butt commented  · 

    I too would think that's a great idea. I used Gmail on the web before AirMail and they have one also

  • Björn commented  · 

    I miss that option in stressful times too. I used it in Thunderbird as a plugin and also in Postbox.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Definitely need this option, great feature in Gmail and would love to see it integrated in Airmail.

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