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Airmail for Windows 10

Would love to see your design on my laptop, PC, tablet and phone! :)

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Maciej J. Czech shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Nick Goulet commented  · 

    Please please please... The only thing remotely close to Airmail on Windows is oddly the included OEM Windows email app, but just still nowhere close to the function of Airmail's Gmail integration... Please port this over to Windows!

  • Jon Barker commented  · 

    Windows has crap for email clients. My new job uses Windows 10, and now I cant use Airmail after 2 years of use.

  • Carlos Rebolledo commented  · 

    Cuánto tiempo falta para que consideren a Windows?

  • Nando Miranda Díaz commented  · 

    Airmail for Windows should be a must! Using Thunderbird at Windows because Outlook sucks.

  • Carlos Rebolledo commented  · 

    ¿En qué estamos? Van a crear Airmail for Windows 10 ???

  • Quelyn Gretsky commented  · 

    I would LOVE this. I really do love this email client, and the alternatives on Windows are sub-par.

  • Nick Goulet commented  · 

    Yes Please!! I switched back Windows and the only thing I'm missing is Airmail! (Mailbird is a terrible alternative)

  • Carlos Rebolledo commented  · 

    Estimados, cuándo lanzarán la versión para Windows? Varios competidores lo han hecho o están anunciando que lo van a realizar. Por favor!!!

  • JohnDoe commented  · 

    +1 - I use Airmail on Iphone & Ipad, but use for work - Would be great on Windows - THx!

  • Sam Go commented  · 

    Yes please! +1 (and have multiple friends who I could quickly convince to pay for a license as well!)

  • Stefan commented  · 

    Also Love to see a windows 10 Version of airmail

  • dennis commented  · 

    +1 for window version please

  • Daniele commented  · 

    Please do a Windows version too... +3

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Had to go Windows and I would commit bestiality for Windows 10 version of Airmail

  • Daniel commented  · 

    Airmail on Windows would make the email world perfect. +3

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