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So much has been done to make this app cool & slick... so many tiny details & "fun" stuff...but if you can't get the important basics right, you set yourself up to fail. For example, as pretty as you can make cakes look if they don't taste good people will stop buying them & tell everyone they know not to buy them.

This app appears to be all about 'designed by coders' (it's cool - it's pretty - look how much stuff you can do) and very little 'properly documented for users / tested & refined for ease-of-use by most of the people who we hope will purchase it'

Having said that, I've still purchased it. But I am really not happy at how much time (hours now) I've spent googling how to use it (mostly to be brought back to their FAQ section which is woefully inadequate for a user manual). I still am searching how, or even if, I can change the order of my mail accounts so that my most used one is at the top of the list - it's little things like that which will make or break an app, in my opinion.

I just need something to track all the email accounts I use for clients, do it well, and integrate with other apps easily. I'm really hoping I didn't waste $10 in a few months time if they don't get some changes & improvements made.

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  • Anonymous 180219 commented  · 

    Agree completely! Instructions are woefully missing.
    Sounds like they don't get it, since your comments were 2.5 years ago.
    A good reason my tech companies should have some non-techies to write manuals.

  • Mark Warner commented  · 

    This x 1,000. Forcing users to dig through FAQ's or forums ≠ a basic manual. I'm determined to learn how to use this app., but will have to email tech support a lot to pull this off. Please listen to us, we WANT to read a manual and not bug you guys for help first.


  • Bobby commented  · 

    Even just a video walkthrough!

  • Randy B. commented  · 

    Aye yes, a thorough up-to-date manual please? I grabbed and printed their 16 page PDF 'manual' (if you will) of Airmail Tips & Tricks. However it really only had 11 pages of actual things you can do, features, etc., —but those I really wanted to know more about- not so much to nothing. In my attempts to migrate from Apple Mail, I sense it really is 'feature laden' (ok yes, and pretty too), but how can one even begin to 'hit the ground running' with it (cause ya know, none of have the time to study it for 6 months)... <sigh> Hello?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Just a few minutes ago I have contacted to you about how to delete old emails from my Inbox. The communication was from my iPhone.
    Now I am with my pc. I want to read your instructions given a few minutes ago.
    What can I do?

  • Geoff G commented  · 

    where can I find a User Manual or basic instruction for using Airmail 3 for Mac. I already have the program on my laptop.

  • Jürgen commented  · 

    Me too! I bought both, for macOS and iOS.

  • Keith commented  · 

    Is there an Airmail 3.5 for Dummies or some such? I have no idea where to start to even get a "subscription"?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    About time the developers took heed of their users who have paid.
    No response will certainly create discontent among users which will filter out on the web for those considering using Airmail.
    Come on get this sorted

  • Kyle commented  · 

    This isn't going to help; it's just me ranting, but a number of years ago they had a user forum where users would help each other.

    There was tons of info on there to solve anything and everything. One day the whole thing disappeared. I have no idea why.

    Now, everyone with any question has to ask the same thing over and over again to support, which doesn't always have the answer of the time to figure it out.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes, Bloop needs to provide us with a USER MANUAL!! With v.3, the app is now even more feature-laden, which means we need a manual more than ever!

    FAQs and menu references aren't good enough. Please provide a good manual/guide, including a PDF version so I can print it and mark it up with my notes. Thanks.

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