How can we improve Airmail?

Upgrade your adressbook

Upgrade the adressbook
Functionallity is very poor
No structure at all, just a list
No grouping
No ease delete or change
No online sync with the adressbook of Apple

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  • K. Prewitt commented  · 

    Really wish you would rework your address book. I've just switched to Airmail 3 from Outlook and I'm starting to wonder if that was a good idea. At this time I would still say yes, but the address book is such a blot on an otherwise well designed and executed app.

  • D P commented  · 

    Came here to give feedback on the lack of decent functionality in the address book... It really is an embarrassment and a weakness for the product.

    Sad to see that the last comment here is over two years old! :-o

  • Sam commented  · 

    Can we please fix this?! It is a disaster...

    Can't mass delete. Can't even delete in singular without adding to an email chain and then right clicking. Come on Airmail.

  • Matt P. commented  · 

    dealbreaker, along with not supporting flags or offline use. bye Airmail :-(

  • William Morton commented  · 

    This has become a HUGE issue for me. Although it claims to access Gmail contacts, it's not getting updates to Gmail contact groups nor allowing me to remove obsolete addresses. WHY?!?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I hate the separate address book. I have some contacts with over a dozen alternate email addresses. I use Airmail on three macs. Each time I clear up a particularly confusing contact, it pops up on the other mac, or when I upgrade it. At the very least, allow me to turn off email address collection, and/or make the "Address Book" window better: sort by "apple address book" icon, and let me mass delete those f*&%&$&ing things!

  • Byron C Mayes (bcmayes) commented  · 

    Definitely needs the ability to edit the address book. It just grows and grows and grows. This impinges on the positives of using the app on multiple platforms.

    And please sort them in some sort of way. They're just thrown in there haphazardly with no rhyme or reason (yes I know that's redundant… it's really that bad!)!

  • Kevin commented  · 

    I agree. The app returns too many irrelevant results in the address field mainly from the exchange address book while ignoring the main contacts. It caused me to mistakenly send an internal email to a large Yahoo group just because it had the group's distribution address attached to one of my contacts. Unfortunately that embaressment was enough for me to switch back to Apple Mail.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Address book is amateurish at best. I hate the fact that when inputting an address all iterations of the address show up in the address box. Why not just the address found in the Contacts App? And forget the other nonsense. Also, using groups in iOS is a nightmare. The address block isn't big enough to show all addresses in a group and scrolling the list is impossible.

    You have to do something about your address capability. This is a show stopper for me. I'll go back to the Mail App if you don't fix this soon.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Same issue. I will be looking at alternatives to Airmail for this reason.

  • Gareth Howell commented  · 

    Like many others, I fail to understand why you chose to use your own address book rather than the one that's integrated into the OS you support. It's not as if you support anything other than OS X or IOS.
    Not being able to find addresses in my Mac address book and then realising they only exist locked up in Airmail is a source of intense frustration.

  • Alberto Dominguez commented  · 

    Address book is a pain in the ...
    It tooks names from emails and does not simply allow to change information stored (like misspelled names by senders or whatever) - if there is no edition / management tool it should the update the info based on what you type in the To/cc/bcc field instead of the opposite.

  • Steve Mullen - Leadify commented  · 

    Agree 100% we need this implemented.. It's just mystifying this has been overlooked. managing contacts is such a crucial function for any email application. I would like to see an integration with BusyContacts (AirMail already works with BusyCal so this shoudn't be a problem).

    But I can see this 'feature' request was posted back in April '15 so not considered a priority from the AirMail team..

    We wait with baited breath...

    AirMail is such a good app but not being able to work / export my (i repeat) my contact data it renders the app somewhat mute.

  • James commented  · 

    I agree completely with the assessment of the Address Book. Also, for some reason, I have more than one instance of the same email address there.

  • Alex commented  · 

    Please please upgrade address book or real time sync with apple's address book. The annoyances are starting to pile up and really stand out as the weakest part of Airmail.

  • Mark commented  · 

    Agreed...might leave Airmail because of the poor contact integration, no groups sync, etc.

  • Ralph commented  · 

    I never looked at the address book until now. It looks very rudimentary. I would also prefer a direct connection with my apple address book - respectively with FullContact (as this replaces my address book). I'm happy to discuss details with your team.

  • Jeff commented  · 

    I am unable to delete/edit the Airmail created addresses in the built-in address book (no apple contact next to it). It's the database of previously used emails. There are a lot of old/non-functioning emails so I would like to delete some/all of them to start over (other than my imported Apple Contacts). Please enable better ability to edit within Airmail.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree w/ need to improve the Contact function. It is one reason I may have to leave Airmail 3x

  • Ola Lennbo commented  · 

    I agree with Anonymous. Please give us an option to use the apple address book directly.

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