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Unread Badge Count for all Folders, not just Inbox

I use Exchange account and folders.
I see my badge count is equals of inbox folder, but not for all folders.

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  • Pavel commented  · 

    Not seeing the actual number of all unread emails is a bit frustrating.
    I have setup a couple of email accounts in Airmail and having to switch the "account" inbox each time to look for the unread emails in each folder is really annoying.
    Also - is there a way to see all labels/folders in the bottom part of the sidebar for all accounts but go through the different Inbox folders in different accounts without having only this particular account's folders/labels switched to?

  • S P Suresh commented  · 

    +1000. This is most needed when we filter mails and sort into different folders.

  • Dan Horner commented  · 

    +1 this is very nearly a deal-breaker for me. I need to have unread counts for VIPs.

  • Chris N commented  · 

    very much agree - helpful to see what's in your folders if you filter a lot.

  • Dmitry commented  · 

    +1 and need it urgent! :)

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I also second this!

  • Mike D. commented  · 

    I second that for IMAP in general (e.g. Gmail!).

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Agreed, would love to have this feature.

  • thanasi commented  · 

    I also use Exchange, and my exchange server filters emails into different folders. I would like it if Airmail had a setting to show unread counts for each folder/label, and not total counts

  • Stephen Macklin commented  · 

    Would really love to have this feature. I set up folders and rules to automatically sort emails from team members. It would be very helpful to have their unread messages still show up in the badge count.

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