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Use space bar as "scroll down" and not "open mail in new window", as in Apple Mail and all browsers

In Apple Mail pressing space works as "scroll down" in the message window. In airmail, pressing space opens the mail in a new window.
So either adding a new "scroll down" key or perhaps change the space keypress to "scroll down"?

This is the same functionality as all browsers and Apple Mail.

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Jan H. shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Pav commented  · 

    How do you scroll down at all!?

  • Abel Lenz commented  · 

    Same fix for iPad Pro with keyboard please. Scrolling with my finger is dumb.

  • Jim Brandt commented  · 

    Adding a +1 for this. Muscle memory is strong from the many other apps that do spacebar = scroll.

  • Randall Wright commented  · 

    when will this be fixed?? This is a ridiculous bug making the entire program jarringly unusable!

  • Christian Malcolm commented  · 


    I'm going to go as far as to say that this is not a feature request, more of a bug fix.

    There is a very long list of software out there that uses the convention of using the space bar as 'page down'. Think of any browser you use, any email software you use, it's a convention that when there is text to read, you press the space bar to scroll to the next section.

    Please Airmail, you've got such a fantastic piece of software, but this tiny little detail makes me crazy.

    If others want to keep the functionality as it currently exists, could you please just give us tiny tick box in the preferences so that those of us who expect the page to scroll can relax and read our email without growling?

    Huge thanks for your great software and continual improvements.

  • Patrick Graham commented  · 

    +1. Just started using Airmail and this jars me every time I need to scroll through a message.

  • Michel commented  · 

    When is a fix expected here?

  • Tom Strand commented  · 

    Please, please fix this. It drives me crazy when reading emails on a dark commuter train with no backlit keyboard to hunt for control-down arrow (on a Mac).

    I **really** want to hit the space bar to see the second screen of an email.

    What possible design advantage can there be for not using space bar as "show next available screenful of text"?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    There's so much to like about Airmail that it's particularly frustrating that there's no good keyboard driven way to scroll through the body of an email.

  • Paul commented  · 

    Airmail devs:

    You are so close - SO CLOSE - to getting it perfect!

    I'm so ready to recommend this product to everyone here at work as soon as this space bar issue is fixed. There are tons of people here that are accustomed to the streamlined Gmail workflow that you guys have worked so hard to get right - so much so that the space bar behavior is extremely jarring.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    +1 million.

    It drives me insane that we can't do this. I thought that after a couple of months using Airmail I'd be used to it.

    I'm not.

    Please, please, please fix this!!!!

  • Will Koffel commented  · 

    This is such a pet peeve of mine, I'm pretty sure it's been listed here before, but I'll vote this up anyway. The non-standard behavior here is bewildering.

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