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Old emails are not getting downloaded

I have purchased the app and now my older emails are not getting downloaded. There is no support email id or there is no support person present for the app.

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Praseed Nair shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Bernard Mealing commented  · 

    I tried to gain access to my new emails, without success. So have reverted back to Mail.

  • Jyad Murr commented  · 

    Same issue, needs urgent fix

  • Rob Masselli commented  · 

    I've got the same issue.

    Tried to solve via online support, but nothing they suggested fixed the problem. Eventually gave up.

    Very frustrating.

  • Chris commented  · 

    Does anyone want to sell me their old airmail account? I really want the read receipts function but they are only offered for older accounts

  • Luis Mayoral commented  · 

    Same here, with an IMAP account (in FastMail, if it helps)

  • Sam commented  · 

    Mine downloads headers but not content and attachments (even if it's. set up that way in accounts > more)

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I also wasted money on Airmail only to find no one could help me get my gmail emails to appear. Not ready for prime time.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Hey guys from Airmail,

    why do you not react to your customers? Doesn't see any reply from you about this still existing issue. I’ve bought Airmail years ago and discard it after I’ve realised the problem downloading older mails or attachments. Now with version 3 and a friends recommendation I’ve tried it again… BUT still the same issue. Hope you get it fixed soon.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Same problem: I have just installed Airmail3. It sees all of my IMAP folders but it only downloads the first few messages from each. This makes the application useless as it basically loses my entire email history. Please fix!

  • Peter commented  · 

    Same here - I have an exchange account and it's only downloading a fraction of Archive and Sent messages. I've delted and re-installed the account and reset the message cache with no improvement. This inability to download messages effectively makes it unusable because any searches are incomplete. Outlook and Mail work as expected. This needs to be fixed

  • Geza commented  · 

    The same happens to me. Airmail does not download my e-mails from google mail, only a couple of them.

  • Vincent Tan commented  · 

    1 year later - I am suffering the same problem - and they don't know how to resolve it

  • Abac Cc commented  · 

    Goto account -> More -> Clear Cache

  • Mario Juric commented  · 

    I'm seeing the same issue, after purchasing the app two days ago. Makes it practically useless for me, unfortunately.

  • Roger commented  · 

    Same situation. Please fix!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Bought the app these week, and having the same issue. I am unable to download all my old email from my accounts set up as POP and IMAP.

  • Bo commented  · 

    Same - bought the app last week and not seeing my IMAP messages downloaded beyond May 2016 (have messages as far back as 2012).

  • Martin commented  · 

    The same problem here. I just bought the app yesterday and can't use it at all because my old emails are not being download. I use plenty of different folders in my IMAP inbox and Airmail only downloaded few messages from each folder, even though I use "All Messages" setting in the menu. In Postbox I used before there is a special command in the menu to sync all the folders and download messages for an offline use. How do I force Airmail to download all the old messages from the server?

  • Jim Pengelly commented  · 

    I just bought the app and am having the same issue - only a handful of my Gmail emails are downloaded and I have the preference set correctly. I'll try unchecking the preference and reapplying it but seems like a bit of an obvious fail.

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