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Easily search within a folder

Instead of needing to add the name of a folder (or select from the suggestion list) when searching, why not add a mechanism to search only the folder you're currently viewing? Additionally, if the folder you're viewing is the "sent" folder, the default should switch from "sent by" to "sent to" when searching for contacts.

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Simon Cohen shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Sheesh! I'm glad I'm not the only one who is annoyed by this lack of a feature. What a pain in the 'arse' to not be able to do a quick, simple, let me search the CURRENT folder! Come 'on guys? How hard can that be? Honestly, all the options that pop up are quite annoying. Just... a little checkmark that says "Search in current" folder... or more appropriately, a checkmark asking the other "search everywhere"

  • Paul Porter commented  · 

    I asked for this from the very beginning, considering it a standard bit of functionality on any 3rd party email client. Notice how Airmail developers are ignoring you. This is their MO and it would appears their regard for customer feedback is severely lacking

  • Jason commented  · 

    Ditto - really need this

  • Brad Doble commented  · 

    I agree that being able to search within the currently selected folder would make finding items much easier. Please add this feature. I want to stick with using Airmail!

  • Jessica Jones commented  · 

    I am shocked that this is nearly 12 months old, and still has not been solved. There absolutely needs to be a way to find certain emails by limiting the folders.

  • Ron commented  · 

    Agreed. Lack of search within a folder is driving me away from Airmail.

  • Ditto commented  · 


  • Russ LaValle commented  · 

    Ditto. Not being able to narrow my search to certain folders is one of the features that just sent me back to Postbox. Airmail is certainly prettier though!

  • Carlos Rijo commented  · 

    How can I search Airmail 3 message contents

  • Marcelo commented  · 

    I bought Airmail about 6 month ago, for me is fantastic but I miss this feature. I'm using Gmail account and I have a lot of folders to organize my emails, when I search for an email Airmail in all folders, so the search results is not good. I would like to have the option to search only in the folder I select

  • Igor Sereda commented  · 

    I have to open Gmail to search for anything. That's a shame.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This feature is absolutely critical for me and is the only thing desperately missing from my old email client (PostBox).

  • Tammy commented  · 

    Having the same problem here! Especially as I have lots of sub-folders which all have the same name, thus impossible to know which is which within search! I just want to be able to select a folder and search within it.

    Have you managed to find a elution to this?

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