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Allow font/size editing in mail viewer window, not just composer

I work on two screens, with one of the screens being significantly smaller than the other -- I use the smaller screen for my email client. I love most everything about Airmail, but the default viewer font is too small and difficult to read.

Please allow users to change the default font and font size within the viewer window.

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Josh M shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Basically just press Command- plus and minus to permanently change the font size in the viewing pane.

  • Hai commented  · 

    Had a good feeling for Airmail...Then I can't change the font size for reading messages? Hmmm...Can't change default font for viewing? Really?

  • Paul commented  · 

    Please add feature to increase fint in email text!!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I just bought Airmail after reading good things about it. Unfortunately, the eye strain is so great using the mail viewer that I cannot use it.

    Too bad the company does not take this seriously!

  • benoit commented  · 

    This is an absolute must have. Totally unworkable on high def monitor....

  • Angela Bryant commented  · 

    Airmail - This has been an ongoing request since 2015?

    There's really no solution?

    Is there HTML code so that can be used to hard code increasing font size for the user without impacting sent messages?

    I guess I am getting old too. So this old Gal needs your help!!! Soon.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    For a email client that can do just about everything I can't believe you can't increase the font size when viewing messages. It has to be an easy fix - why the delay?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yeah this is a pretty big omission!

  • Kingsley Allen commented  · 

    +1. It's an eye-strain to read the text in the lists of emails (inbox, search, etc) and the menus in general. Could you create a new theme or two with larger font size for the email list?

  • Larry Williams commented  · 

    the programming staff at Airmail must be very young with great eyes. Otherwise, this would fixed by now.

  • Patrick Madigan commented  · 

    There appears to be two different issues being discussed here, the default font for composing messages, vs. the font for viewing messages. The composing font CAN be set, that's in Preferences, Account, Settings (the gear icon), Composer.

  • Marcelo commented  · 

    Basic feature. It's a MUST in a paid application.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Can't believe such a basic thing isn't fixed? is this still true?

  • Vince commented  · 

    Please fix! So hard to read for those on high-res displays.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Isn't this such a basic requirement? The lighter shade which can't be changed is such a turnoff on an otherwise great email client

  • Gordon commented  · 

    This is a serious usability problem for people with aging eyes, and it seems to me that it would be extremely low hanging fruit for the Airmail developers. +1

  • Federico commented  · 

    Can't believe this is not a feature. Every free mail app lets you do that.

  • AR commented  · 

    Echoing everyone's sentiments below, defo needs flexibility to change the display font and size

  • Graffig commented  · 

    Has there been any resolution to this issue of being able to increase font size when composing message - my old eyesight is not the best

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