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"Outbox" or outgoing mailbox before a message is sent

I've had problems a couple of times where an email doesn't successfully get sent. Airmail gives me an error message (in this case, "Cannot send mail error [message subject] Unable to authenticate with the current session's credentials."

Now I can't find the message anywhere, so that I can choose to either copy it into a client that's running correctly (i.e. go into gmail on Safari) OR at least tell Airmail to cancel this message.

A bit concerned that I'm going to write the email in Safari, send it normally, and then whenever my problem is fixed in Airmail, it will get sent again (and I'll have to explain this to the recipient, which in this case is a professional client. What a pain!)

I don't know what can be done about this but having an "outbox" in which I can access, pause, or delete messages before they are sent, might be helpful.

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Ryan Cecil Smith shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Nikhil commented  · 

    I have this exact same problem. This is so frustrating. I prepared a scheduled email to send in the early AM to a professional client. Now I can't see it in the sent folder, draft, scheduled or any of the other related folders. Customer Service tells me there is no Outbox and that it cannot be restored.There's no copy of this email which means I have to write this all over again, and if this gets "resolved" by AirMail servers it might probably send out the next email as well.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I just had a ton of time sensitive emails that I didn't even know were stuck in drafts. I will never use airmail again because of this problem which is sad, because I love it otherwise.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I am having the same problem. I think there should be a special place in hell for system architects who create such poor apps. Really annoying! Please fix this!!!

  • Pavel commented  · 

    Brutal issue making airmal a junkmail app... many vital-to-email issues in the app despite its convenient features making it virtually non-useable.

  • John S Harrington commented  · 

    The following may solve some of the issues some of you may be having.

    Set airmail to use imap or pop manually, some authentication issues may arise if you attempt to use you actual login/password.

    - Remove the old account you are trying to 'fix' and restart airmail.

    - On airmail click preferences and "+" and select imap or pop.

    - Fill out your email address.

    - Log in to your email client on the web then go to the options. Look for imap/pop options.
    You will see some domains that your provider has listed for pop, imap, and smtp.

    - Copy the appropriate link (depends if you selected pop or imap on airmail)and place them in the appropriate fields in airmail. Outgoing will always be the smtp domain

    - Go to your email provider account and generate an app password.Copy and paste that password into the password field on in airmail. Click save.

    The authentication process will start and may take a minute or two. Once it's done you can start send emails.

    Once you are done send a test email to yourself or a friend just to be sure.

    Note* This was tested on outlook.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    2017 and still no feedback from support? Still an issue with Airmail and support ignores my chats!!

  • Douglas Inawashiro commented  · 

    Same problem! I have had outlook for about 2 years, but sudddenly my hotmail account stops working. And now I am having this issue that the email failed to send. I already deleted my account from the app and added it again, but the same problem persists! I am also thinking to complain to apple and get a refund!

  • Matt commented  · 

    This application is a piece of shit. How do you not have an Outbox? Who coded this piece of crap?

  • Jenn Staib commented  · 

    Why is this still not fixed? I expected much better out of a paid app. Totally ridiculous. Wish I had never purchased it.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I can get an email but not can't send it. Emails go into the draft folder, and I'm getting the same error message as others. VERY frustrating!

  • CFitz commented  · 

    Hey all, just touched base with AirMail support team and there is a very easy fix for this!

    Just delete the account from AirMail and then re-add it as an IMAP account.

    Use the settings specific to your email, but for me (outlook/live accounts) the server info was as follows:

    IMAP server address:
    IMAP port: leave empty to auto detect

    SMTP server address:
    SMTP port: leave empty to auto detect

    I hope this proves useful to some of you. :)

  • CFitz commented  · 

    Also having this issue with multiple @outlook/@live accounts.. Was working just fine until about a week ago. Pretty frustrating to have to open the web clients for those emails just to send emails from them!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    as Ben Commented, the Draft folder is where the outbox mails are stored, and they can be removed from there. With that said I think Airmail's should change the name or add this to the FAQ or something, This one is easy to fix!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Have the same issue using and outlook account. when will this be fixed?

  • Nicole commented  · 

    this is still broken. I am fighting this issue right now using an account, drafts are in a loop unable to authenticate. these settings haven't changed for two years, but I re-entered all of them, and reboot, no change.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    How long will we put up with this??

  • robert olesen commented  · 

    Same issue, often sending email takes a very long time. At least I should be able to monitor the progress of sending email.

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