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Please add support for calendar.vcs attachments!!
Currently Airmail does not show any information related to the calendar.vcs invitations - all you get is an attachment, and if you double click on it it will open in iCal - BUT iCal will not actually go to the day of the meeting! So when opening a calendar.vcs I have NO IDEA what the details of the invitation are.
Please include the details of the invitation in text within the email. Gmail does this and its brilliant.

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  • Tomas commented  · 

    Hi guys, please what is the status of this issue? Im unable to open calendar.vcs
    . Since this is critical functionality I would assume by now it will be already fixed. I bought you app on both platforms iOS and Mac to find out I cant use it for work. Please let me know what is the current status. Thank you. Tomas

  • James Kearney commented  · 

    first request september 2nd, 2015...

  • Jeff commented  · 

    Please get this working. Otherwise, I have to keep opening gmail and I start wondering why I'm bothering with Airmail.

  • Derek Hoiem commented  · 

    Just tried it. It appears to work on some messages but not on others. The one that DIDN'T work for me today was from my wife coming from

  • Mike D commented  · 

    Please add this! This is one of the biggest blockers for using Airmail

  • Ella Romanos commented  · 

    If I click on the .vcs or .ics in an email it opens a cal page with that info but doesn't add it to my actual calendar. And has no way to add it at all.

  • Jon commented  · 

    Whoa. OP here, how can I help further debug? I can record my screen as I try to open a calendar invite if it would help.

    A response after over 2 years is better than no response at all.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I only see an icon. I would like to see details about the appointment before I click to add it to my calendar. Things like date, title, time, etc.

  • Eric Jones commented  · 

    This is for iOS not desktop. When you receive an email with a calendar invite in either iCal or vsc you expect to open the attachment and then click to add to your iOS calendar. However there is no way to do that.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    okay. For example recently I got an email with an calendar.vcs attachment from someone accepting an invitation. Sometimes airmail shows a box with information to the date, sometimes just the calendar.vcs attachment. I opened one in a text editor, here ist is:
    PRODID:-//Lotus Development Corporation//NONSGML Notes 8.5.3//EN_S
    ATTENDEE;PARTSTAT=ACCEPTED;CN="Roger xxxx/Dfd-Hamburg"
    SUMMARY:Roger\, Johannes\, Kaffee - geht das?
    ORGANIZER;CN="Johannes Mainusch"

  • Tom commented  · 

    I equally vote for a better calendar invitation handling. This is really annoying and together with the missing automatic address book sync almost a reason to leave airmail :(

  • Rob commented  · 

    Still not? I have the same problem, very annoying...

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Still waiting for this feature...incredibly annoying not to be able to read .vcs attachment info in the body of the email

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree. This is a big weakness in Airmail. I would also like the ability to specify in preferences which calendar new items gets saved to.

  • Daniel Williams commented  · 

    Come on guys please add this basic feature! I love the app, just need to be able to see my gmail invites pls.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree. Please add!!

  • Eric Jones commented  · 

    Am i missing something? When I open a vcs or ics calendar invite, it looks like it is trying to open the invite and add to my iOS calendar, but then it doesn't. It is like there is supposed to be an "add to calendar" button or something that isn't there. Is there a bug, or is it a feature that isn't complete yet?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    +1 Asap, please. Very annoying.

  • lee.feinberg commented  · 

    Yes, I need to open Gmail to handle emails with VCS. +1

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