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Forward as attachment

We REALLY need forward email as attachment. This is a sorely missing feature that every other email client seems to have including PostBox.

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Eric Caldwell shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 


    This option is required for some 'spam learning technique's', can you please investigate this as an option.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Abandon this product. It's been years and the developers are still unable to implement this functionality. Also, the MIME parse on OS X doesn't operate the same as iOS and displays malformed messages. Run away!

  • David commented  · 

    I have the same problem with forwarding e-mails in Airmail that have an attachment. People will say they received my e-mail but not the attachment.

  • Eva commented  · 

    I was given these instructions by the support team today to access the forward as attachment function:

    You can send the emails as PDF in attachments. Please right click on the message >> select print >> select save as PDF , then you can attach this saved PDF.

    This isn't a forward as attachment function. It's a time-consuming workaround as it means having to print, save, compose, send, and then delete the PDF version saved on the computer. A send as attachment is a simple three step process - click send as attachment, enter email address, hit send. Done.

  • Dan commented  · 

    Yes, we need this. I frequently have to forward mail as attachment, but am always running into the problem that it's part of a conversation and there is no way I can find to forward just one mail from a conversation. I have to keep resorting to Apple Mail to do this task. Just need a forward as attachment option on the forward button.

  • Ramon commented  · 


    How can I forward an opened email directly as an attachment like in Apple Mail? I don't see the feature?!

  • Urs commented  · 

    This missing feature prevents me from using Airmail for some of my accounts where i have to use forward as attachment a lot.

    Opening a new eMail and drag and drop the other eMail into it (which is what works already) is not an option for me. Too annoying and i don't have the original subject if doing it this way.

  • Rajko commented  · 

    What if I only want one mail out of a discussion as an attachment? The way it is set up at the moment doesn't let me add a single email from a specific communication as an attachment. Only the full block of the conversation can be attached. Thanks, RD

  • Alex Du Bois commented  · 

    This is not a helpful comment. How can a user forward a message as an attachment?

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