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Highlight messages with label color

This used to be the default behavior, but changed in the latest update to Airmail 2.0 - label colors now only highlight the top right corner of the message which for me makes them much harder to see.

I used this feature extensively to visually distinguish messages - I would love if this came back.

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Wil Hall shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • AS commented  · 

    Agreed. Either inlining the label in the non-XL skins (like you can do in Gmail in the "compact" look) or highlighting them. Either way, they need to be much more visually salient to be useful for power users.

  • Andrea commented  · 

    +1 absolutely needed

  • Jess commented  · 


  • Vik commented  · 

    This needs to be done. It is essential specifically when you have a large number of emails coming in.

  • Vik commented  · 

    +1 , We really need this. Mail App and Outlook both support this.

  • Kevin commented  · 

    I Agree. The flag in the upper right is lame. Full highlight on the emails in the inbox is much better.

  • Kingharvest commented  · 

    Me too. Need this. I have hundreds of emails a day and that little flag does not flag anything at all.

  • Tom Readings commented  · 

    I came here specifically to make the same comment. Love Airmail for clean look, coloured message was less fussy and much more eye catching, which is the point, surely.

  • Bruno O. Barros commented  · 

    Yep. That change rendered the productivity labels useless.

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