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Exchange categories

Support exchange categories or tags/labels for exchange emails

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  • Serii commented  · 

    +1 Guys, You can't switch from Exchange with no categories

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Any news on this feature? Gathering feedback is dated 2015

  • Aaa commented  · 

    This is a must - I'd love to start on Airmail, but I just can't make the switch until I can carry my years of email categories out of Outlook safely.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Totally agree with all you people, categories will change airmail into the best outlook alternative on a mac. From the moment MS started with their online office I am waiting to say goodbye.

    Find a way, promote this feature and you will see that airmail goos +++

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    any news for exchange categories and labels? We really need them!

  • Mark commented  · 

    Does Airmail have any intention of taking this on board? You've been collecting feedback for over a year now. This is the one thing that prevents me from making a full switch to Airmail.

  • Steve B commented  · 

    Just started using Airmail but not sure if I'll be able to stick with it without category support. I hate categories, but my workflow depends on them :(

  • Josef Strapáč commented  · 

    This is a must have feature when having exchange account in AirMail.

  • torsten commented  · 


    category exchange support would be a real usp for airmail. There is no alternative for Outlook atm, when you got used to exchange categories instead of putting your mails into countless folders.
    I would soooo love to get rid of Outlook, but i do really need categories/labels that are compativle with Exchange.

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