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Improving handling of images in message body.

Airmail is now very poor at handling images in the email body.
After dropping an image into the message, you can't select the image and therefore can't drag and move the image around.
The Markup option is glitchy and can cause issues. For example after center aligning an image, when hovering over it the markup option will show the same image overlaid and left aligned. I've also experienced images covering text, making it inaccessible.
Image resize options are also a must.

When receiving emails with inline images (from Apple Mail app for instance), they are displayed as a list of attachments which can make it hard to decipher annotations/labels.

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  • John Humphries commented  · 

    I have Microsoft Outlook for Mac but I am trying to completely move over to Airmail. I currently have Airmail3 and one of the things I found is that you can't paste an image in the body of the email and expect the recipient to see it. Apparently you have to drag your image below the bottom line and then it shows up as an attachment. Did I miss something or is there a way to do this already. Microsoft Outlook (Mac) allows you paste an image in the body and resize it. This would a great feature to include on any future releases. Keep up the good work! Thx

  • Massimo commented  · 

    Something like in Word/Outlook for Windows where you can resize as YOU WANT (not only optimized image size) with the cursor, move wherever you want in the text and align it left/right/center ecc...

    Currently, if I want to insert an image as a banner, I have to upload it on the ftp server and work with the HTML and style ... is very boring, guys

  • Jesse commented  · 

    screen grabs are way too huge. a simple resize option would be great.

  • Anon commented  · 

    +1 this is one of the core things I now miss about Apple Mail.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Absolutely. Being able to resize the image is very important to me. Please add this feature.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    If I drag and drop any image into the message body of my email it is huge and I can't do anything about it

  • eric duvauchelle commented  · 

    agree strongly. Also it would be good for images to be responsive and resize with the window. Additional options like Apple Mail to resize images to smaller sizes from within Airmail would be dope.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    +1 to fixing this. This is probably the only thing I've found about Airmail that turns me off at this stage. If image handling were more like it currently is in Apple Mail, Airmail would be pretty damn good in my book.

  • Dan Merino commented  · 

    This is killing me, I would love to help out if you guys need reproduction steps, etc.

  • Martin Grether commented  · 

    i am also experiencing a pasted inline image jumping up and my input cursor.

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