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Attachments Hard to Find

It's too hard to find attachments. It's routinely takes several minutes for me to figure out how to get to them in a long thread. Ideally, I could just click the paperclip or see a separate pane at the bottom.

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  • Michelle Vosika-Cooper commented  · 

    Agreed! +1000, I mean.. I have gone back to apple mail because of this exact thing. It's an absolutely unnecessary issue.

    Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

  • Björn Eriksson commented  · 

    I find it hard to find a e-mail client that does it all. Airmail is probably the best alternative for me but threads in general and especially the way attachments can be impossible or in the best case hard to find makes me constantly looking for alternatives. This feedback thread shows that I'm not alone. Please prioritise this, other issues you might dealing with is minor compared to this!!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Agree - this is the biggest problem with Airmail

  • George commented  · 

    Does anyone know if you are able to attach a file from Google Team Drives or be able to use more than 1 Google Drive? I have multiple accounts and I am always needing to pull info from each account. Anyones help is greatly appreciated.

  • Al Boulley commented  · 

    Puzzled as to why this is listed as "Gathering Feedback"… seems to me there's a mountain of feedback—and votes!! I am shocked that a wildly-popular idea posted over three (3) years ago isn't done or even planned.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I'll add my voice as a new user... This certainly seems like a major pain (though I'm liking a lot of what Airmail is offering)... but... wow. Such a simple thing that hasn't yet been addressed. Come on Team Airmail! You can do this!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Not sure why Airmail is so popular. I found so many bugs I've been forced to move away.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    After years, I've had it so much with attachments I'm letting go of Airmail

    This can't be hard to fix, it just can't

  • Sergio commented  · 

    I have the same issue. I often just have to go back to the Native mail app just to find the attachments and then back to airmail.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree it is very frustrating.

  • Boyan Savov commented  · 

    Airmail has to take care of that problem. How many comments have to appear here in order for you guys to fix this issue? I am dealing with 30 to 40 threads in some of my projects and it takes 5 minutes to find where is that attachment, this is ridiculous.

  • Rob commented  · 

    Let me join the queue, I also do find it very time consuming to find any attachments with Airmail, please dev team, can you fix this?

  • Russ McBride commented  · 

    Agreed. This is part of a larger problem of how conversations threads are handled. Threads are basically unintelligible. Compare, e.g., how they are handled in Apple Mail....

  • John Pok commented  · 

    Yes! Incredibly frustrating!

  • Stefan de Vogelaere commented  · 

    Soon it will be a 3 year anniversary of this topic. This is really bad in the app at the moment. Please fix it. Please move all attachment to the top bar where you can download them.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This is a big thing for me as well, really irritating and so incredibly easy to fix.

  • David Mason commented  · 

    Would also be great to be able to see the size of email attachments per email (within the list view - not the body) to make it easier to clean up email accounts at max quota.

  • Richard Preston commented  · 

    Agree with this 100%. Functionality in Outlook is very good, with options to open, preview and save attachments that appear at the top of the message below the From - Subject line. Well worth emulating.

    Current functionality (clicking on attachment paper clip, which you'd intuitively think would show attachments, but instead collapses the message) is a bit infuriating.

    This thread has been live for nearly 3 years now!

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