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DEVONthink Integration

Please add support for exporting directly to DTPO even just as RTF so images are retained.

Dragging emails to the DTPO sorter only creates a link in DTPO rather than a copy of the email and emails exported as EML tend to lose embedded images after some time. Airmail's support for filing email is good, but I have to pay per MB for Internet so syncing folders with a server is a variable cost. DTPO has excellent search/filing features, helps keep all documents in one system, and facilitates a zero inbox.

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Carl Dixon shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I have received an e-mail as this is considered to be done. Really? Current implementation is awful, and you can not actually get the attachments into DT! Honestly this can be barely considered a real integration like they did on evernote.

  • Dawn commented  · 

    how is this "Done"? no new updates and it's still the basic functionality of being copied as plain text without attachments.

  • Nick commented  · 

    Current integration is very basic - emails are copied as plain text without attachments. This still severely limits usability with DT Pro

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I'm jumping into the bandwagon! +1 for adding Devonthink integration!

  • André Silva commented  · 

    I just tested the newly released version which adds devonthink support.

    It’s a good first step. But a way to save email contents together with attachments in “one click” would be sooooo useful

  • anon commented  · 

    +1. I use GTD approach to productivity and use airmail to create tasks in OmniFocus. I also need to file email in DevonThink and the lack of true integration makes things less efficient.

  • Steffi commented  · 

    one thumbs up for implementing DevonThinkProOffice and DevonThinkToGo in Airmail would be needed and fantastic!

  • Adrienne Kincaid commented  · 

    Another enthusiastic +1 on DevonThink Pro integration. If, along with that, you added DevonSphere Express indexing then life would be grand and the world would be my mollusk.

  • Bruno Conte commented  · 

    It would be really sad having to go back using Postbox because of this...

  • Nick commented  · 

    Yes please - lack of this currently stops me from using Airmail as my core mail client

  • Jack commented  · 

    +1 from me :)

  • Mike Vitale commented  · 

    +1 this would be a VERY valuable feature!

  • Michael Morris commented  · 

    Devonthink integration is the last thing that keeps me from putting my entire office on Airmail rather than Apple Mail

  • Bert commented  · 


  • Bob commented  · 

    Yep - that's a +1 from me too - ASAP, please

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please, please, please +1 from me to. die hard airmail user but can't live with Evernote any longer.

  • Franz-Josef commented  · 

    Don't like the idea of abandoning Airmail3 but if there's no real-world support for DevonThink, I might have to. Would you, pleeaasse ...

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please do this.
    By law, I have to keep copies of my emails for 10 years. I don't really want to keep 10 years worth of emails in Airmail!

  • Bob Sprague commented  · 

    Looking a purchasing Airmail 3, using Beta now. Would also like DTPO integration.

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