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Save link in email to Pocket

It would get to right-click on a link in an email and be able to save it to Pocket. I get many emails that are digests of articles, and it'd great to save out individual links to Read-Later services.

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  • Ray Lam commented  · 

    Please have Instapaper integration!

  • Bryce Fathauer commented  · 

    This used to be available in pocket, but was recently removed in an update. Please add this again!

  • Jesse Baer commented  · 

    Friendly amendment: resolve any link shorteners/click trackers on these right clicked links, before sending them to Pocket. Because Pocket can't handle those redirects, and as a result the actual article doesn't end up getting saved.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree: I really only want one additional feature in Airmail after using it for 2 months: the ability to right-click a link and send the link (or its contents) to Pocket or Instapaper or a similar "read it later" service. The ability to do so is the only reason that I still read certain emails (e.g., the New York Times' Today's Headlines email) in the Gmail Web client.

  • Simon commented  · 

    yes please, why I keep going back to gmail

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