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You really need to make the toolbar better. I like BIG ICONS, I like to
be able to SPREAD THEM APART so I don't accidentally hit the wrong one because I go through a lot of email each day, so I like the icons to be
easily identified as in COLORED ICONS (see the POSTBOX app). Please change this!

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Jack Niedenthal shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Jason commented  · 

    I'm a designer…and took some time to redesign the Airmail toolbar inspired by MailBox. See my user interface proposed design by going here:

  • Jason commented  · 

    I agree, the snooze button should be on the toolbar (1 click away). I'd love to the see the icons get cleaned up too.

    MailBox's Beta Desktop App (before shutting down) nailed the clean icons look. See how they did it here:

  • Braxton Beyer commented  · 

    It takes 3 clicks to snooze from the toolbar. This could be 2 or even 1.

  • Vincent Morel commented  · 

    Would be nice to be able to customize the toolbar... I pressed Delete 4 times !

  • Royce commented  · 

    How about customize toolbar, like Mac Mail has?

  • Tiziano Di Turi commented  · 

    I would love to give my opinion on this topic. It' not about personal taste (big icons, colored icons,...) or to imitate other apps. But I acknowledge that the toolbar could use some improvements UX wise.

    For example:

    I do believe the overal contrast between text/icons and background is too low,
    or it would be nice hiding functionality that's not related to the state of the app,...

  • Michaël commented  · 

    I don't know about the color and so one, but it could be fun if I can modify the toolbar. add/remove button, like a button to mark mail as read or not, ...

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