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Import/export from/to .PST (MS Outlook) mailboxes

Compatibility with .PST files from MS Outlook. Import, export a PST or just load a PST file.

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Erik shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Rom Linhares commented  · 

    I love some of the integration features in AirMail... but not being able to import/export to Outlook make it a less than desirable app for people that have to deal with Exchange and IMAP at the same time (as in multiple business accounts)... I am going to go back to Outlook just because of this...

  • LilyJ commented  · 

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  • Shashank V Singh commented  · 

    l gave 3 votes because that's the max I can give to an idea. I am so-so want to use airmail as the email client for office emails but just can't do this until I can access my archives folder. There should be easy way to import .pst filers (on my computer archive folders with preserving folder names and hierarchy). Many customers who have an employer outlook account, just can't move to a proprietary format of mail because of many security requirements. There are always some times when you have to have pst files like getting a new laptop or some security check from the employer. PLEASE FIX this one.

    Having the ability to import .PST files would make this a workable solution for my office. Until we can connect our archives, this simply won't take off.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    this is still not solved??

  • Tata commented  · 

    I cannot load my old .pst emails (from outlook) in Airmail. Any suggestion?

  • Nigel Campbell commented  · 

    I gave up on Airmail as a result of this. I did find a very longwinded way to finally extract myself from Airmail's proprietary local messages store, which seemed to work out, but wasn't very user-friendly. If I recall correctly, I had an IMAP account (hotmail possibly) configured as an account, and was able to create like named folders on, and then copy them over from my local files to It was a long, complicated process, but I was finally able to get out of using Airmail while preserving my email history. As much as I liked Airmail (although I was never happy with the slow way it seemed to download email messages), I wasn't willing to stick with a platform where there was not easy and obvious way to back myself out of it.

    I now use the built in OS X Mail client, integrated with Works well, and no regrets.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Very disappointed that import of PST files isn't possible....!

  • Adrian commented  · 

    long overdue!

  • Iguy commented  · 

    2 years later, still not answered this basic need? Well, better stay away from you then.

  • Iguy commented  · 

    No import/export possibilies? Well very happy I didn't buy it then!!! That's a must !

  • Nigel Campbell commented  · 

    We need the ability to export our local folder email into a format that can be used to import into another email solution, if the need ever arises. I truly regret moving to Airmail as things stand, because there is no way to take my email with me if I need to migrate at any point in the future. While I don't plan on migrating off Airmail, I'll be stuck if you ever abandon the product for any reason. Please fix this issue. Last time I asked about this was over a year ago, and I'm surprised there's been no progress since then.

  • JAMESWOLD commented  · 

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  • David G commented  · 

    I would also love a batch import from - i have several dozen folders and almost 50 GB of mail data. I can't bring all of that in manually!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I would like to use airmail(which I've paid for) but cant see a way to import folders I've used in Outlook 2016?

  • Aprzk commented  · 

    Totally agreed. I won't do the switch to Airmail, if the risk is to be trapped in the app without possibility to export in MBOX/PST containers the email folders.
    This lack of feature will not allow the possibility, for whatever reason, to switch back to or other Mail clients.
    I'll wait for the feature before switching from to Airmail!

  • Nigel Campbell commented  · 

    Agreed, this is essential. I switched from the Mail app to Airmail, and can't see any way to switch back from Airmail as a result of the lack of export capabilities. While I have no immediate plans to switch mail clients, having no viable way to make that transition in the future is a major concern. This should not be a one way process where my data is trapped.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Important, essential feature. And by that I mean a robust import/export for at least PST, MBOX, and EML formats. For those of us that store thousands of emails in a hierarchical set of folders, it's crucial that the hierarchy be maintained by the import/export, as well. Currently I have to import MBOX files from Mail, then drag-and-drop forever to rebuild my hierarchy. More importantly, as others have stated, I need to know that I can export everything effectively if and when I may need to change apps for whatever reason. I want to make the full switch from Mail, but need to know this feature is there before I do so. I see the "Gathering Feedback" as of July 11, 2015, which is encouraging. Is there any way to get more information on the status of upcoming versions, a roadmap, or anything similar?

  • James commented  · 

    Having the ability to import .PST files would make this a workable solution for my office. Until we can connect our archives, this simply won't take off.

  • Test Airmail commented  · 

    Having the ability to export folders from a local account is key to avoid being "trapped" to Airmail:
    Without the certainty that I will be able to export all my email archive from Airmail should I want/need to do it someday, I will not migrate (even if Airmail suits all my other needs).

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please add on the feature to import .PST files, this will be a boon for corporate users of legacy systems.

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