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Conversation View For Inbox Only

Currently it appears that Airmail includes ALL messages in any folder in a conversation. For someone who receive daily updates or emails with the same subject each day this can really add up. For example, I receive an email from each of my servers each day, and the subject is the same so even though I've archived each one, each day, it still shows the thread of 1500 emails in my Inbox.

I think it would be great to have an option to show a thread/conversation of messages in the Inbox only and not include those in other folders, it would be Inbox only. However it would still show threads in other folders as well, but the Inbox would only create a thread of emails from emails actually in the Inbox, not from other folders.

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Jimmy B. shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Daniel Pruessner commented  · 

    Bump. Apple Mail allows me to hit (Right-Arow) in the thread pane to break out individual messages. I can scroll down and find the message with the original text that I need. Otherwise, it is **very** difficult to find where messages begin/end in the continuous scrolling of conversation view. Especially if some messages are folded.

    Airmail has a better feel than Apple Mail-- but I keep switching back to Apple Mail to find messages that people sent me so I can refer to the specific details they sent.

  • Gustavo Pazelli commented  · 

    Agree. I would like to have my inbox grouped in conversations, but only based on mails in this folder. Would make it more useful.

  • Romolo commented  · 

    Please add an option for conversation "per folder" I use many folders and I want to keep the organization by folder

    It could be a switch you can have conversation for all, conversation per folder or off

  • Shawn commented  · 

    Did this feature ever make it into the app?

  • David Sergeant commented  · 

    Not just this, but the "Conversation" concept is hard locked to the preference checkbox. If you uncheck it, you can no longer use the "Show Conversations" button from the toolbar.

    It's of little use to me to just filter out messages that are conversations from ones that aren't in the inbox. That button should toggle the "Use Conversations" setting itself - much like Outlook's Organize:Conversations button.

  • F W commented  · 

    Please do this - right now the conversations thread is really really terrible to use.

  • Chris L commented  · 

    It should at least not include emails in the Trash folder. We have very long email threads at work and this is preventing me from using AirMail as my go-to mail application for work.

    I end up for example clicking "E" to archive the thread, but some messages are already deleted in that thread, so now they are part of both trash and archive, which confuses the mail client and make them hard to delete later.

    Another bug, when selecting the top conversation and click "move to trash" (say I got an out of office reply) then the whole thread goes in the trash temporarily. Then if I move to a different folder and come back to inbox, the thread is still there. This is annoying and hard to filter out un-important messages from a thread. I think the out-of-office reply should be sorted separately if possible even if they have the same message-id.

  • Gianni Cooreman commented  · 

    Agree. I would like to have my inbox grouped in conversations, but only based on mails in this folder. Would make it more useful.

  • Deric Davis commented  · 

    Missing this is the only thing standing in the way of using Airmail for me...

  • Jesse Perry commented  · 

    Yes please this! Allow the option to only show conversation mode for the current folder you're in only. This is how functions and it's the only thing I miss from Mail. Otherwise it's way too confusing, as mentioned above.

    It would still be nice to switch back & forth quickly between showing conversation between all folders or just folder you're in.

    Or not change functionality - just make an extra option to only show conversation view for current folder. I hope this isn't too hard to implement.

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