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Support for Flags/Starred for Non-Gmail IMAP

Currently the Starred section is mapped to Starred on Gmail mailboxes - or - shows mails manually Starred within Airmail

I don't use Gmail, I use a Premium provider and would like to have a function to support 'Flags' or using the 'Starred' section such that it automatically updates within Airmail and allows you so search/sort/filter on them

Currently, mails Flagged in iPhone do show as Starred in Airmail but do not show automatically in the Starred section.

See support thread

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  • Matt Sawyer commented  · 

    FWIW: I use Airmail 3 with my Exchange account. I just realized that I can create a Smart Folder with is:starred and it seems to sync with the flags I see outside Airmail. Unfortunately the built-in Starred folder doesn't work with flags set outside Airmail. If only there was a way to either hide it or make it work like this smart folder does...

  • Fernando commented  · 

    Would be better to support standard imap flags !

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    For my Exchange account, I can star emails, but then I cannot unstar all of them. It is random. Frustrating. I requested help and have not received a resolution.

  • Leon commented  · 

    When will the flags feature be available? Since switching to Airmail this is the feature i miss most.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I tried out Airmail quite a while back and this is the reason I gave up. I am NOT going to keep separate flags/stars on Airmail and Icloud or Roundcube, etc. This is ridiculous that Airmail can't just support STANDARD flags so that it's compatible with ALL other mail apps out there.

  • Andreas commented  · 

    Is it really so complicated to support such a industry standard as IMAP flags? This is the one embarrassing reason I cannot use Airmail ...

  • Griffe Youngleson commented  · 

    I'm back to airmail a year later and am now remembering why I put it down the first time. Is there really no basic support for this or is it that I'm missing something?

  • Patricia commented  · 

    It does not appear to be documented (at least I couldn't find it) that you can search all starred messages in a folder by clicking on the star icon in the Filter toolbar.

  • Patricia commented  · 

    One can search using "is:starred" but the results are wrong ... it only returns messages that are flagged in Airmail. And after did a search it no longer returns them.

  • Patricia commented  · 

    I agree that this is not a trivial issue. If one could search on starred it would be possible to create a smart folder of starred messages.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Can't believe I just paid for this and can't even use IMAP flags properly. What a waste.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I would like to flag one particular ✉ I receive every week but am unable to because Airmail doesn't have this facility

  • Nicholas Lash commented  · 

    This is the thing that is keeping me from switching to Airmail. This is really not a trivial issue.

  • Jacques Perreault commented  · 

    It's not fixed yet.

    Very odd, as this is a standard every other email app and system understands. Why is it broken still? Very sad.. but hey, I still use Airmail 2 for my Mac .. until Spark finally arrives.

  • Alexis Szabo commented  · 

    Imported an Outlook account, "flag for follow up" messages appear starred in the inbox, but do not show up in the "starred" folder. This is a bit of a bummer as I rely on this functionality to know who to follow up on, and don't always have access to Airmail when managing emails.

  • Flopsy007 commented  · 

    Well, I'll have to take back my previous post. Correct mapping of the starred folder solved my issue with starred mails. Still not getting correct syncing of flags on an exchange account though...

  • Thomas commented  · 

    The bugs concerning the flagged/starred emails that have been in Airmail from the very beginning have not yet been fixed. I'm giving up on your program for good now. You guys seriously have your priorities wrong.

  • Karl Shea commented  · 

    This issue isn't fixed, I just switched from Gmail to FastMail and none of the "pinned" messages show up in the Starred folder. They do show up in the Flagged folder in

  • Thomas Muller commented  · 

    Is this issue already fixed with the starred/flagged emails?

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