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Add an "add to evernote" and "add to evernote and archive" button

It would be great to have the ability to add a button to the top that quickly and easily lets us sent emails to Evernote, Omnifocus, etc for use with the GTD Productivity system. This app seems streamlined for that system and it would save having to right click and select from a list.


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Travis shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Debi Billing commented  · 

    I agree with the suggestion to further improve the ‘Services’, or integrations, and with Evernote in particular. I actually just started trying out Airmail and I’m liking most everything so far, but when choosing ‘Send to Evernote’, nothing happens, no option to select the Notebook, Tags, edit the Title, or add additional content that will end up in the body of the note, and not even an acknowledgement. So I assumed it wasn’t working, until I went into Evernote and saw 5+ copies of the message I had been trying to send to Evernote! The standard Evernote Share Sheet allows for all of these additional options, as well as an acknowledgement..

    In addition, a comment about the OP’s suggestion of an ‘Add to Evernote and Archive’ button. PLEASE, whenever you consider anything related to ‘Archive’, also do the same for ‘Move’ (to folder). There are two camps of e-mail users—one archives and the other moves to folders. I am of the second camp. I rarely ever archive anything. Instead, I file (move) every message I keep to a folder.


  • Oli commented  · 

    +1 from me. Mac Outlook 2016 has a plug-in for Evernote, and Wunderlist (As well as many more I don't use), and they're great. Would be great to see this on Airmail.

  • Tarique Naseem commented  · 

    Agreed with Petr. A send to Evernote, etc on the attachment itself would be a great addition.

  • Petr Janda commented  · 

    It would be great if he went into Evernote send attachments only. Not to send the entire email but only an attachment. Thanks a lot. Otherwise Airmail great.

  • Michael Potter commented  · 

    Come on Airmail friends, let's get serious about Evernote. We really need a true integration and not a shortcut or key combination to send to Evernote. I can't make the current Evernote integration work reliably.

    I've paid another upgrade fee last week and I still don't have a functioning Airmail with Evernote feature.

  • jody commented  · 

    that would be awesome.

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