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Support for templates or stationery

Hi there. I often compose the same type of content (ie. a template) in more than one email. For example, when I am sending invoices to clients, they all have the same body text in the email. Does Airmail support this feature? Kind of like Apple Mail's Stationery?
Thanks for the great app!

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AdminAirmail Support (Admin, Airmail) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Jan Peeters commented  · 

    This is implemented isn't it? Not 'planned' anymore. Please update status.

  • Erik commented  · 

    For those of you who wish to create a custom stationery based on html, I found out that it is as simple as this:
    Open a new message. Click on HTML to the right in the format tab, and you will see the current code in a new window. Simply replace the code with your own.
    I don't know if that was the issue for this thread, but at least it solved my problem. In Apple Mail it is a lot trickier.

  • Ano commented  · 

    Hello Airmail, why is there no feedback from your side on this issue? It would really increase productivity and save time working with Airmail.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    3 votes added.

    if nothing is planned i will switch to mailbutler again :/

  • Anthony DeCrescenzo commented  · 

    What are you doing with the feedback once it's "gathered"?

    Seriously? How hard can this be to implement? Will pay for the "upgrade".


  • Craig Johnson commented  · 

    Add my name to the list that desire template support

  • Brad commented  · 

    Yo, we need this!!

  • Taylan commented  · 

    such a basic feature missing .. can't believe this.

  • Mark Stokes commented  · 

    Hey can you guys at least "throw us a bone" and tell us if you're thinking about stationery, or not planning to add it all, or whatever the answer may be. At least respond...

  • Mathieu Beausoleil commented  · 

    Gathering feedback? ok here it is:

    User Story: As a Airmail User, I want to create a template of a message so I don't always have to copy/paste content.

    Business Analysis: The objective is that the user can re-send the same email over and over. When a user is composing a message, he should be able to Save As Template (File > Save As Template). The user can then set a name and select a destination folder. The name could be unique to that folder. The next time the user want to send this message, he can open the folder and double click on the template. The message opens exactly as it was when it was saved (same as Draft). Once sent, the message remains is sent and the template stays in the template folder.

    Bonus feature: In a Compose Mail window, you can also import content from template by right clicking in the Body > Template > template name or via the menubar Composer > Template > template name

    Thanks for caring, feel free to make this happen :D

  • Thomas Lutz commented  · 

    This would be a real improvement for my regular workflows.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    have anyone thought about using signatures ?

    It's dirty but it works wonders...

  • Mark Stokes commented  · 

    The lack of template sis teh one thing has has me tempted to go back to Apple Mail!
    Please, provide support for templates!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Templates please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter Maxwell Tiley commented  · 

    I used to use The Bat for email until I switched to Apple. The Bat is still far superior in most aspects including easily configured templates.
    I would like to see this kind of facility in Airmail.

  • Olaf Ludwig commented  · 

    Templates is a must have function if you use Airmail at work! Please, I truly need it now!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    template function would be great!!

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