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Fold main-folder with sub-folders, so that only the main-folder is shown

Currently, if you have a folder with some sub-folders in your imap account, all folders are shown. It would be nicer, if you could fold the main folder, that the sub-folders aren't shown.

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Thorsten Puzich shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Walter Kistler commented  · 

    Please add! I have also a very complex folder tree and move also emails to other accounts. Thank you!

  • Stefano commented  · 

    Fully agree, I have a very complex folder tree and with the current unfolded view the feature for moving mails to folder is useless.

  • Kevin Gardner commented  · 

    Absolutely essential, please add! When I'm trying to transfer a piece of mail (i.e. Folders / Transfer To Account), I have no need to see every possible subfolder at the outset --- only expand those folders which I hover over. This is one area where Mac Mail works pretty well.

  • PUNCH BRAIN commented  · 

    yes! it would win space!
    we need to be able to open/close the main folders and see/hide the sub-folders inside

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