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Add ability to create tables. A very useful and frequently used feature in MS-Outlook.

Click an icon or right click > Insert Table -- Display a grid
User drags mouse across the grid to pick no of rows and columns
Table is created. See attached screenshot.
Allow adding, deleting and resizing rows and columns of the table.

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Shekhar Rege shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please please please need it urgently

  • Simon commented  · 

    Having markdown table support would be nice already.

  • Paulette commented  · 

    This is a huge professional work function that we need.
    I will have to stop using Airmail because of this.

  • Alessio Mattera commented  · 

    Please please please allow us to copy-paste tables from excel MAINTAINING the same format,colour&style - this will seriously make my life way easier and will help me to get 100% rid of Outlook!

    Also - I want to manipulate table contents directly from the email, as well as manipulate table contents when I forward an email with table attached (need to highlight text and so on).

    Plus - please allow us to attach emails to new/reply emails in an easy way, as well as attach multiple emails, and make sure that the email attachment is delivered correctly in the proper format for the other email clients (as Outlook does!).

    Many Thanks,

    PS: I spend 80% of my day on my emails, so it's a key working tool! Make it most efficient as possible for us.


  • Jacob commented  · 

    so will this ever be implemented?

  • Mark commented  · 

    Just to add another voice to the calls for this function... It is preventing me from switching completely from outlook.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please need copy and paste from Excel!!!!

  • Andrew commented  · 

    Please function copy table from numbers or excel (support display board if copy from excel)

  • Alexey Stoletny commented  · 

    There is no email client that supports it, and it is the only issue that prevents me from using email on Mac now. Please, do this!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please function copy table from numbers or excel (support display board if copy from excel)

  • Chris commented  · 

    I hate the fact that I have to use Outlook every time I have to paste in a table. It ruins my day. Please make my day delightful by stopping me from using Outlook.

  • Mike commented  · 

    Yes please! I As others have commented, there are several related yet distinct issues here. In no particular order:

    * copy / paste a table *as a table* from the common spreadsheet and document programs
    * be able to create and edit a table natively in AirMail
    * when editing a message that contains a table, be able to manipulate the existing table (add / remove rows / columns, edit values, etc)

    There are probably a few additional tables considerations that are unique to AirMail's featureset:
    * tables in HTML mode versus tables in markdown mode
    * to what degree do you wish to support styling of table components (row, column, header, cell) in each mode.

  • E. Croes commented  · 

    Please be the first Mac email client offer this!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    please support table feature,include:
    insert table
    edite table
    copy table from numbers or excel (support display board if copy from excel)

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Ditto. Need table feature, please!

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