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Slider/Popups can be annoying when using other apps

I'd like to start by saying I really like Airmail but one particular feature can be inconvenient.

When I'm in another app, like Safari, the "slider" or "pop up" that appears in the upper right hand corner to notify me of a new email just sits there for several seconds, blocking access to features in the other app.

If the pop up had a couple buttons on it, that would be really great.


options right in the pop up would make it so useful, If I want to look at it right away, I'd use OPEN. If I wanted to keep it but not look at it now, I'd click CLOSE.

If I knew it was SPAM or otherwise wanted to delete it, I could click DELETE, saving me from having to do it next time I open Airmail.

The big thing I'd like these buttons to do is to close the pop up so I don't have to wait four or five seconds for it to disappear on its own.

Pretty Please?

Warm regards,


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