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Follow-up reminders - so much room for improvement!

Love that we can set follow-up reminders to outgoing email in the event of a non-reply. However, the execution of the idea, in my opinion, leaves something to be desired:

1 - please arrange for the reminders to be moved automatically when the email is answered. Needing to do this manually, remembering which emails have been answered, is unnecessarily time- and energy-consuming.

2 - please use clearer flags for emails that have gone unanswered. I know we receive a notification each time the deadline passes, but this hovers in the top right corner of the screen for a few seconds before it's gone. Then there's no way of knowing, by glancing at the reminders folder, how many expired follow-up reminders I'm waiting for, unless I go through EACH reminder manually. A simple number to the right of the reminders folder in the left hand menu column (much like the number next to the "inbox") would suffice.

3 - The Holy Grail! Integration of follow-up reminders with Apple Reminders, Todoist, Wunderlist, OmniFocus, Things etc etc. The MailButler add-in for manages this, and it's a superb feature. Ideally, I want all my reminders & to-dos to be in one place. Again, such an integration would need to auto-remove the reminder from the Reminders/Todoist etc folder upon receipt of a reply.


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Oli shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree. This is a great feature but needs the improvements mentioned

  • Harmannus commented  · 

    Origininally this idea came from me :-) I use this feature quit often, but indeed it needs improvement. The points here described are pretty much the same as I was planning to write.

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