How can we improve Airmail?

Add an extra type of local container folder that will list all messages contained in nested folders

The current folder hierarchy in Airmail allows for a parent folder to contain messages of its own (or be empty of messages) and have sub folders nested under itself which themselves contain messages.

The parrent folder does not list the messages of the subfolders. And this is good and useful and should remain as is.

But. it would also be useful to have a type of parent folder that cannot hold messages itself, but instead lists the all the messages contained in the subfolders nested under it.

For lack of imagination on my part, lets call this new type of folder a summary folder

(For speed and simplicity summary folders could be an option only for locally stored folder hierarchies. I am not even sure IMAP could support this type of thing)

An example:

A0 Newsletters [Proposed Summary Folder]

- B1 Event Related Newsletters [Proposed Summery Folder Type]

-- C1 All newsletters issued by some author [Folder with Emails]

-- C2 All newsletters issued by another author Folder with Emails]

-- C3 All newsletters issued by yet another author [Folder with Emails]

- B2 Product Related Newsletters [Proposed Summery Folder Type]

-- D1 All newsletters about a type of product [Folder with Emails]

-- D2 All newsletters about another type of product [Folder with Emails]

The idea is that when selecting sub folder D1 Airrmail would only list the messages contained in D1.

Likewise, when selecting C1, C2, C3, or D2.

But when selecting folder B2, Airmail would list the messages contained in D1 and D2. Sorted as if they were stored in one folder, not two.

Similarly, when selecting folder B1, Airmail would list the messages contained in C1, C2 and C3

Finally selecting the top folder A0 would list all messages contained in C1, C2, C3, D1, and D2.

In this example we would have the option to browse through newsletters in general, or become more specific and browse newletters by subject or by sender.

I guess this would only make sense for those like me who like to separate their emails into complex multilevel folder hierarchies, for archive purposes.

I use many folders simply as 'directories' for sub-folders. I.e. they contain no messages, so when I click on them, to have them expand and reveal the subfolders they contain, I am faced with an empty list of messages on the right handside of the application window.

And it feels wrong. For one thing it's a waste of user interface space. For another, they are not actually empty... well... they are in the classical sense of a message folder containing no messages... but the point is, they could be made to list all the message their subfolders contain.

Thanks for reading! :-)

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