How can we improve Airmail?

Have the search work more often. Half the time it simply doesn't work.

Better search.

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    Chris OnyettChris Onyett shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    Done  · 


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        The search function totally counter-intutive and mostly non-functional. It seems incapable of searching for more than one word at a time. As a test I put in the example from the page, which is, “let us meet this weekend”, and the search field immediately changed it to, From: weekend" and subject: weekend", etc. all one word options. What's the point?
        Until this is improved when I need to search for something I re-open Macmail.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        +1 search is a major issue with Airmail, why is this marked as down? Many of us are still complaining!

      • David LounsburyDavid Lounsbury commented  · 

        +1 on this as well. On iOS, you can't count on a search working unless you clear the cache every time. Compound search rules are particularly prone to this, e.g.,


      • Michael MuratovicMichael Muratovic commented  · 

        It would also be nice if the search could also search in specific folders within an account instead of the entire account.

      • LRTLRT commented  · 

        Search is absolutely useless. I have given up using AirMail and reverted back to mac mail. I have spent more time looking for things (even if they are in folders), making all the other enhancements meaningless. Bottom line search just does not work, it cannot handle partials, full or wildcard.

      • MarieMarie commented  · 

        anyone finding that the search has not really improved? Yes, I cleaned my cache

      • ckck commented  · 

        Search is still hopelessly broken in 3.2 (403). Returns no results for even the simplest of queries (e.g. "eBay") with several hits in plain sight.

      • ChristinaChristina commented  · 

        Search is making AirMail unusable. I have to open Outlook if I need to search my email.

        Yes, I do clear the cache often.

      • FranckFranck commented  · 

        Same thing for me. I am using together Airmail, Newton and Spark, and the search feature is useless on Airmail for ios. It is working fine on macos, though. It is the main reason I am considering using another client. Another one is the "send later" feature: it works only with Exchange and gmail, but not with icloud and other imap accounts.

      • LisaLisa commented  · 

        Same here. I'm on Airmail 3.2.1 and search is spotty at best. It's maddening.

      • clacla commented  · 

        I have the same problem. It is making me nuts! I love airmail, but am so frustrated having to open another email app to find an email that I know is there and airmail just can't find. This is such a basic requirement in an email package....please fix so I can continue to use this app.

      • DavidDavid commented  · 

        As of this date the search is still slow or does not work at all. I do not want to get used to using my email in a browser but if Airmail does not fix this issue I will have to use the Gmail interface.

      • AnantAnant commented  · 

        Agree. Search is terrible and i also have to use Gmail to find addresses or messages. In addition, I've lost drafts as i have no idea where they actually go, things go missing that get stuck in outbox (where is the outbox anyway?) and can you build in Maildrop-esque functionality?

      • docydrydocydry commented  · 

        Nope, search function is still surprisingly lousy. It frequently misses messages I know I have there - because I can find them using any other app or online e-mail service. Airmail, however, manages to miss them over and over again. Please fix, it casts a very dark shade on a potentially super app. having to open up another app just to search for something seems a bit too much to ask of your users, don't you think?

      • BrianBrian commented  · 

        I have rebuilt the cache and that did not fix the problem. Odd thing was the beta right before this release search was working. I have very repeatable problems with search both in the initial search and then when clicking on a message in the retrieved results it also hangs. If I can help let me know.

      • TomTom commented  · 

        I'm sorry but this topic is not DONE! I wanted to use this application professionally but with the "sometimes working" search it's no option at all.

        Searching and getting the right matches isn't that hard folks! :(

      • MilenMilen commented  · 

        Guys, do something about this search. It makes Airmail unusable. As the other stated it take very long time to find anything if it ever find anything. Most of the time it just show infinite searching progeress...

      • DPADPA commented  · 

        Airmail has many excellent features. However, I have to agree that the search is the one area where Airmail needs some improvement. Search can be quite slow, and often it misses items that I know are there, even recent items. Also, it would be much easier to search a folder if you could simply select the folder and then conduct a search, rather than using a search operator to identify the folder. I see the utility of the search operators, but for searching a folder (something that I do a hundred times a day), they are too time-consuming.

      • Siddarth ShuklaSiddarth Shukla commented  · 

        I like airmail but it's search is so bad that I am often tempted to use Mail.
        Search performance has only worsened with Airmail 3 as the tags are gone.

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