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Option to include forwarded messages in conversation thread

When forwarding a message, the forwarded mail is not included in the conversation thread (unless the option "Group by Subject" is activated, which is unhandy as it simply lumps everything together which has the same subject - not helpful when there are multiple conversation with the same subject.

Hence an option would be desirable to allow a user to choose whether forwarded messages should be included in the conversation from which they have been forwarded or not.

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Fabian K. shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Duncan commented  · 

    +1 for seeing forwarded messages in a conversation thread. I REALLY rely on this to keep track of things; I'm relatively new to Airmail but the lack of this functionality may just send me back to gmail!!

  • luis commented  · 

    Please tell me that I am doing something wrong... !.... so I cannot send the body of a mail when I forward a mail?

  • Natalie Cookson commented  · 

    Yes! Any chance this will be implemented? It is very confusing, since i'll forward something and then not see it in the thread and not be sure that I did it.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes!! Why is this not the default?

  • Ehud Pardo commented  · 

    Yes please this is a good improvement for airmail

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