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When in the unread filter, the message is not 'cleaned up' after marking it read.

In Airmail 3 you can use a filter to see only the unread messages. Unfortunately, when you mark a message as read (I do this manually), the message does not disappear from the list.

I basically use the unread filter as an inbox zero view. Since I use the message links in other applications, I cannot archive an e-mail since this breaks the links. So I leave everything in my inbox, which is actually my archive now. So I need another view as my "inbox", which is the view with the unread messages. I will only mark messages as read if I have acted upon them. But the list is not updated once you mark a message as read.

As a workaround I have created a shortcut in KeyboardMaestro that deselects the filter and reselect it, so that the view is refreshed.

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Wim Verhavert shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anthony commented  · 

    Still not fixed....I am using exchange so could be due to the lag there. The way Outlook manages exchange is 1000^10000x better than Airmail.

  • Filipe Varela commented  · 

    I second this idea. Being a long time Sparrow user, I miss this every day.

    Their implementation was wonderful:

    - Open inbox.
    - Add the “Unread Messages” filter.
    - Click an email, read it.
    - Scroll/pull down to refresh view.
    - Message is gone.

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