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Advanced Search in Airmail is SERIOUSLY lacking. Several critical issues that need to be addressed

1-The search bar needs enough space to have at LEAST 3 or 4 arguments,... currently can only do 1!,.. maybe 2 if they are short. Possibly a separate dropdown menu for this would help.

2-We need Exclusive results!,.. If I want to search for email that I sent to a contact and ONLY that contact I currently can't do that. The results that come up shows that same person even if others are involved!!!

3-We need Exclusive results again!... If i want to search emails whose subject starts with "C " (that's the letter C then space) i can't do that!

There are more,.. but this area REALLY needs to be's almost a deal breaker for me.

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Jason Kith shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Joshua Paul commented  · 

    totally agree - i have to keep postbox installed so i can do exclusive searches

    this has got to be fixed

  • Tobias Nyholm commented  · 

    I agree. Search are awful when you have lots of messages. I want to find all messages that are not from Github to create a smart folder.

    I also dislike when the search results keep changing order because the search is in progress...

  • Tom commented  · 

    The search is a deal breaker! I have to handle several hundred mails a day from monitoring systems. Not being able to search for substring in fields - like it _is_ possible in Gmail. I'd like to use smart folder but hey - how to use smart folders when the search is stupid!

    Airmail needs a 'contains' functionality to search for string e.g. in subjects and so on. I can't predict the subject in every mail I get, so the current search does not really work for 'real life'.

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