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Show the whole subject

It is really annoying not being able to read the whole subject of an email when the subject is long. It's very important information!

I see you can access it with a tooltip but that's a hassle that comes with a significant delay and slows done my workflow a lot.

Could you please add a preference to show the full subject instead of trimming it, or just do this always?

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Jono shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Michael commented  · 

    I need to copy parts of the subject very often - the only war to do this for now ist to open the mail in a single-windows and enlarge it to max to reach every part of the subject-line to mark and copy.

    Please just add a switch to the settings "Show full subject in multiple lines" and everyone will be happy.

  • Nate Silva commented  · 

    This is a big problem. I sometimes look at email on my phone (where I use a different email app) just because I don’t want to pause over the subject line for several seconds in Airmail for Mac.

  • Zachary Owen commented  · 

    Can we get an update on this, or at least a comment?

  • Reynold Xin commented  · 

    This is definitely a big problem. It is a very important functional improvement. It simply takes too long to wait for the tooltip to show up.

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