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Background COLORS: Mailboxes and individual

Maybe it's just not working for me but I want to be able to select a COLORS from ALL color pallets with adjustments for saturation, etc.

1. ALL emails in a mailbox (From: and Subject) will appear in.

2. ALSO the choice to color the emails that are open.

3. ALSO color individual emails in a mailbox.


Right now, all emails in every mail box list appear white with teeeeny weeeeny triangles of color off to the left. That's worthless to me.

I want to look inside, for example, my Inbox and see everything in light mint green or lightist pink or whatever I choose.

Then, I want to be able to highly with right click individual emails/set of emails in, say, bright red, bright blue, etc, so they REALLY stand out.

Then, I want to open the emails to a color I've already selected - maybe light purple or light orange or whatever I want.


If there's already a way to do this can someone please let know the secret.

OSX 10.9.5
Airmail 2.6.1

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