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Bullet / number lists and indenting

When you try to create a bullet list it immediately creates a new line below the text (see "Bullet Point In Line") so you have to copy and paste text to the next line. The line it creates is double-height.

If you start the list in the line above the text ("Bullet Point Above") it creates a bullet in that line, which is above the text so you have to delete to align.

Once you have created a bullet list you cannot remove it using the bullet drop-down. You have to use the outdent function or return twice if you want the next line to not have a bullet. Doing either of these adds a double-height line below the previous bullet. In order to correct this you have to backspace to merge the lines, then press return again.

Thirdly, if you try to convert a bullet list to a number list, or vice versa, it starts the new format in the line below and indented. If you outdent it reverts back to the previous format.

Basically, as soon as you try to create a bullet list the formatting falls apart. Also, when the email arrives the font sizing and format is all over the place.

It is hard to use Airmail as a professional tool when basic formatting is so hard.

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Chris Tholstrup shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Dear AirMail Support Team

    I just love AirMail and use it all the time. Please, please, please provide us shortcut for creating bullet list and numbered list (cmd+shift+8, and cmd+shift+7 respectively). This should be an easy request.

  • Marko commented  · 

    I stopped using this shitty up. Nice UI is useless if you have to struggle with writing the most basic business email.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This kind of bug sometimes makes me think about returning to Apples Mail.... Airmail offers fantastic features but totally fails when it comes to basics like this. And this is not a "new" issue.

  • Kyle commented  · 

    cmd-shift-8 should also start a bullet list like it does on gmail. cmd-shift-7 a numbered list.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This is key to good emailing and needs over-haul.

    If you hit Tab - it creates a Tabbed space - rather then indenting the bullet.

  • Tom O commented  · 

    Just noting my support of this particular feedback -- I do a lot of bulleted/numbered lists for my work, and this makes that process quite clunky. Otherwise, I have loved Airmail, so I'd really like to see this one issues resolved.

  • Andres Velez commented  · 

    Agreed! very very annoying! Writing professional emails becomes cumbersome!

  • Mike commented  · 

    I just want to second this... extremely annoying. Is there any way to make bullet & text formatting basically mimic that of Gmail?

  • Michael Fleishman commented  · 

    Agreed. This is a real pain. Wish it just 'worked' like it does in Word.

  • Erik Ayers commented  · 

    Agree with this. I am going to have to stop using it because of this and the inability to set standard for line-spacing. emails received from me look sloppy.

  • Daniil Pryshchepa commented  · 

    Also, it is industry standard to automatically create bullet/number list when user enters * or 1. in the beginning of the line. Without that you have to use the mouse to create a list, which is a huge distraction factor while composing email. Everything should be done from a keyboard!

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