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I would really like to be able to completely abandon Apple Mail for Airmail on both Mac and iOS but I am missing support for the Activity List feature of Busycontacts. BusyMac assured me they did send all the necessary documentation to Bloop.

From the Busycontacts' page

"BusyContacts displays mail messages in the Activity List sent to/from the selected contact. Currently, only messages from Apple Mail or MailMate are supported.

In order to support third-party mail clients in BusyContacts, it requires work on the part of the mail vendor. Currently, only one third-party mail client, MailMate, has added support for BusyContacts. We hope more will support it in the future. Please contact your email vendor of choice and ask them to contact us for info on how to support BusyContacts."

Is Bloop considering adding support for this feature?

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  • J.A. from Amsterdam commented  · 

    Yes, please, really need BusyContacts to integrate with Airmail. I want "add contact" to have the option of opening BusyContacts please!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Airmail is awesome, but it needs this!

  • Steffi commented  · 

    +1.000.000 for integration with BusyContacts! At some point here at this websites it states, that it would already been implemented but it is not.

    Can you please include this feature soon? I also recommend AirMail and BusyMac to my readers but without the feature available the workflow is not complete!

    Please do implement it.

  • Brian G. Allen commented  · 

    OK, well, this is obviously going nowhere.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    As Brian stated : « the lack of integration is the only thing holding me back from moving entirely to Airmail at this point », it is similar for me. I event came back from Airmail to because of this missing link…

  • Bob Godnik commented  · 

    Strangely, there is another thread to add BusyContacts integration and Airmail lists it as "Already Present" even though it isn't.

  • Eric commented  · 

    same here, airmail user looking to get this integration

  • Brian G. Allen commented  · 

    That would be wonderful, the lack of integration is the only thing holding me back from moving entirely to Airmail at this point.

  • Fredrik Graver commented  · 

    Oh, yes please! With v. 3 you've fulfilled the promise Airmail showed of being a genuine replacement for Apple Mail. Completing the integration with BusyMac's excellent software (both BusyContacts and BusyCal) is the next logical step.

  • Bob Dundon commented  · 

    Would love to have Airmail working with BusyContacts. BusyMac is actively looking to help mail app devs integrate with BusyContacts. Hope this makes it into the AM Mac Beta soon!

  • Jess Joseph commented  · 

    Please contact BusyContacts at to for info on how to support BusyContacts. BusyContact support is a good reason for me to stick with Airmail, which is my default email client.

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