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There is an app called MailTags for Apple Mail. It allows you to enter a keyword for every mail you receive. That keyword then appears in the sidebar and lets you easily sort your emails by different keywords as well as use those keywords for search.

Would be great if you could integrate this kind of tagging into Airmail

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Ronald Epstein shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree with Peter Spain's comments on tagging and syncing with Outlook categories.

  • Peter Spain commented  · 

    Tags are a must when you deal with more than a handful of emails. The "label" paradigm is too gmail-oriented when dealing with Exchange accounts. A label ends up being a folder and you end up in sub-folder Hell when trying to tag/categorise your emails.

    Tagging would let me keep broad folders but allow me to differentiate different types of email in that folder (so a Projects folder, with tags relating to different customers/projects, or an Incidents folder, with tags based on severity or type of issue and so on).

    It would be even cooler if any tagging system also worked with Exchange/Outlook's categories. That way my tags/categories would stay with the Exchange account and not locked to Airmail (it would be a pain in the proverbial if I lost all my tags when changing computers).

  • Steven Goh commented  · 

    I received over 12,000 emails a year. I just switched to Airmail yesterday for my MAC and iOS. Where's the taggings. Can someone please investigate if it's possible to tag or did I just burn my purchases?

  • Miguel Braga commented  · 

    I also use mailbags. Miss this a lot...

  • Fred commented  · 

    I used MailTags with Apple Mail also - and I really miss that feature. If there was any way AirMail could read the tags from Apple Mail, that would make it even more useful.

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