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Better monitoring of conversations

There are two ways to view messages in a single thread. With conversations turned off, they are individual messages, but you cannot see visually which are related. So, if you're on a message that you received at 4:00, you can't see visually in your inbox that another email that was part of the same conversation came in at 4:30 and a third at 5:00. When you are on a message, Airmail should highlight messages that are pat of the same conversation.

With conversations turned on, all the messages are grouped together, but there's no indication as to which ones you've read. In the above scenario, I see only the 5:00 message and an indication that there are 3 messages in the conversation. When I click on it, Airmail marks the entire message as Read, and I need to scroll down to see which ones I've actually read. Airmail should identify the messages that I have not read.

Perhaps there's a way to do all of this, and I'm just missing it.

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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I’ve lost many emails trying to delete one of them. Also just plainly miss them if it’s a thread with multiple people

  • Rainer Schwarze commented  · 

    I have to agree to most of the things mentioned in the other comments. These are the main issues for me:

    - With the default setting, clicking on a conversation marks all messages read. This is very strange and it took me a while as a new user to understand, that many messages were marked as read, which I did not even see in one of the views. This is really a problem.

    - With "Mark as Read: Mark Single Messages in Conversations" the conversation does not get marked as read, but I do not see which messages of the conversation are read or unread.

    It would really be great, if the individual messages in the right pane could show something like the blue unread dot if they are unread (in collapsed and in expanded state).

  • Didier commented  · 

    Agree on this fully. This is for me one of the major reasons NOT to use airmail, and to stick to on the mac. The treatment of threads is too confusing and limited as it currently is. I would need the following ideally being able to unfold a conversation thread in an indented way (as in on the mac) and then work independently on each e-mail of the conversation (such as deleting and marking).

  • Damian Jamroz commented  · 

    Completely agree. Visibility of messages in conversation is very limited and should be improved, Similarly, deleting a single message in a conversation is hit or miss experience frequently resulting with removing whole conversation.

  • Guy Scott commented  · 

    Absolutely agree and this is why Airmail is not my every day email client. When the preferences are set to Mark Single Messages in a Conversation as read (which is really the most desired setting for Conversations), when you click on an unread conversation, there's no indication as to which email in the conversation is unread!!! The other problem is that when you click on a single email that is NOT part of a conversation, it won't change to unread. You have to mark as unread manually! Just about every email app I have used does a better job dealing with conversations. REALLY wish this would get fixed... as well as the whole Conversations UI. VERY difficult to distinguish between individual messages.

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