How can we improve Airmail?

Add support for Spotlight index

Like Apple's own we can search our messages on Spotlight

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Kento Kanda shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes, it is integrated in Airmail 3.5.3 on High Sierra.

  • Mark Stokes commented  · 

    i have to agree with the general sentiment here! Apple Mail is not as bad as it used to be and integration in more important.

  • Joe Lloyd commented  · 

    This seems like Email 101... Add the damn spotlight search indexing

  • Daryll commented  · 

    I have now purchased airmail and am very dissapointed with the poor search capability

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Any chance that we could have an official response from someone within the Product dev management team at Airmail on this thread? I really love Airmail but the longer I am unable to locate emails using Spotlight (or Foxtrot in my case), the more I am likely to be forced to switch to Apple Mail.


  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Any news? Spotlight indexing(in/with Airmail) is must for me.

  • MF commented  · 

    Any news on this? This is almost becoming a deal breaker for me.

  • Daniel commented  · 

    Nothing yet?

  • Hao commented  · 

    Yes, the feature is very useful!

  • aaa commented  · 

    Please add Spotlight indexing, ASAP

  • Steven Prowse commented  · 

    I really like Airmail, but work work I use Spotlight search facility regularly.

  • Thomas White commented  · 

    Why is there no progress on this othewise amazing product?

  • Sergey Kornillov commented  · 

    I concur. We bought the software. I would personally like to know (I'll be as bold as to feel entitled to have the right to know) if this feature is planned to be added soon - if not, please be courteous to let us know so I could stop slowing down my workflows in hopes for the better future and switch back to Other advantages mean nothing if I can't fluidly use the app. Thank you!

  • Jason Foreman commented  · 

    I think this could be the largest I want for Macs I guess it's only half an application in OS X without spotlight.

    Come on Airmail Devs let's make this a complete app......ADD SPOTLIGHT INDEXING ffs


  • Steven Prowse commented  · 

    +1 for Spotlight search facility in Airmail.

  • Thomas Lutz commented  · 

    +1, would be a major improvement.

  • Jason Clark commented  · 

    Spotlight for Airmail 3 is must have

  • Derek Logan commented  · 

    I totally agree with the comments below - searching is painfully slow within Airmail and without the ability to search in Spotlight I am seriously considering going back to Apple Mail.

  • Oliver Enderlein commented  · 

    Wann funktioniert die Spotlightsuche auf dem Mac für Airmail?

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