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Limit emails stored locally to X weeks/days

I generally do not want all of my email stored locally. Perhaps Inbox and Starred folders (or selectable) could always be kept regardless of age. Otherwise, all emails older than an account specified range would be removed from local storage.

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Kevin McFadden shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    After using Airmail on iPhone for a number of months, I have seen the app grow and grow in size where it's the number one space hog. Really need this option

  • DC commented  · 

    I can't believe Airmail iOS doesn't have this feature. My 150,000 emails make the thing slow to a crawl...

  • Ilya Semenov commented  · 

    That's the only issue that prevents me from using Airmail on the iPhone. It will blow away with 100+gig emails dated back to 2002.

  • Rudy Setiawan commented  · 

    Totally need this to limit x weeks/days thing. I have like emails from 2011 and I hate archiving :)

  • Alex Indigo commented  · 

    Amount of traffic on mobile is still a thing. So settings like that will save big bucks to end users.

  • KTX commented  · 

    Desktop app includes limits on a per account basis. I like the above described method.
    Also, desktop app does not support sync limits on exchange accounts.
    Please include this in mobile.

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