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GPG Encryption/Signature

There is a huge lack of signature and encryption capable email clients in the AppStore when it comes to GPG/PGP.

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Jonas shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Any update on GPG? Lack of this feature prevents use of a this email client, which is otherwise terrific.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Useless mobile app without this. How is it not even in beta? Now is the time to abandon ship, also found malware from airmail 2 that persisted through Apple store purchase of 3. If you’re at all concerned about security Airmail is not for you.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I would love the GPG functionality and the ability to import the key from a third party media in to the iPad. This would allow us to easily put only certain keys without example (signing key) on a non-secured media such as IOS.

  • Simone commented  · 

    GPG +1

  • Frank Gregor commented  · 

    I really miss PGP/GPG support to signing/encryption/decryption for both macOS and iOS. Canary on iOS does it very well, unfortunately they don't offer a macOS client.

    So, again... please implement it.

  • Siger 212 commented  · 

    Totally Agree, I’m managing 2 companies and I can’t risk all my emails being sent in the open any more - I’ve deactivated my account starting today on airmail pending full and locally stored pgp encryption keys support

  • Pixel user commented  · 

    The last feature missing from this app to make it a perfect answer for someone moving from Android K9 email

  • Rico commented  · 


  • Thomas commented  · 

    I would pay an extra for it!

  • Steffen commented  · 

    In a "Post-Snowden-World" a valid mail-client needs a full PGP-integration, hence nobody should consider to use AirMail until this job is done. Moreover AirMail cannot be used in a commercial environment, because it is nearly impossible to protect business secrets. Please fix it! I want to use AirMail, because it seems to be a nice tool.

  • Christian commented  · 

    hey common, it's 2017!! Please implement email signing/encryption

  • G commented  · 

    Agree fully! I came here to make this exact suggestion.

  • Nils commented  · 

    I second that.... i think it is very important ... would make me switch from the beta to the paid version

  • Hans Jäger commented  · 

    I've been with AirMail from the beginning – and am still waiting for the PGP-Integration. It was put on halt right after the beginning. How come this long requested feature gets ignored for so long?

  • Walter commented  · 

    why still no GPG/PGP? Is the US Dept of State offering you incentives to keep it out?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Still on "gathering feedback"... this feature, as many others, is crucial in order to provide a unified user experience between Mac and iOS versions of Airmail.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Maybe to I integrate something like the mailenvelope.
    Gpg suite isn't working on sierra at the moment.

    But pgp in airmail would be great. I would also pay for this feature.

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