Airmail for iPhone

Minimalist reading view

Ever get frustrated that the email you really want to read within the airmail app has tiny text and requires repetitive scrolling from right to left?

Read on...

Imagine Evernote's 'presentation' view or safaris 'reader voew' but for long emails found in the airmail app.

Just hit a button and the current email is reloaded in a special view with nothing to distract you from the actual text of the email.

Even better :

Make that reader 'themeable':
- Add font control (size, typeface, paragraph width)
- Background colour adjustment

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Alistair Wilson shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Marc Francisco commented  · 

    Completely agree. I had tucked away the iOS stock mail app but have recently gone back to using it because I get too many emails that I cannot read in Airmail. Changing the font settings in Airmail has no effect.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes, as this would make going through emails a much more easy process.

  • Bruno Decourcy commented  · 

    I vote for that. But my notifications are so bad that I don't use airmail anymore. Waiting for an improvement.
    I've asked to be part of beta team. Your support used to be very good. Like your app...

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