Airmail for iPhone

Battery Improvments

Airmail battery usage is about 30% because of background activity. Can you improve this?

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Dominik shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • René Höhle commented  · 

    Same problem here... Airnail takes 44% of battery... that is not very well...

  • Nayden Gochev commented  · 

    I bought the app but uninstalled it since it was taking 50%+ of my battery. Please do something Spark as a free alternative have most of the features and dont use so much battery. Even polymail uses a bit less battery but is also too battery heavy.

    I would want a refund if it was possible.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I'm running outlook and airmail for iOS on the same (4) accounts (Mail app is disabled) while I evaluate airmail. One account is gmail, one is exchange and two are imap.

    I'm surprised to see that airmail battery usage is at 10% and outlook is 1% - even allowing for the fact that I'm using airmail as the primary app out of the two, this seems high to me.

  • Tony D commented  · 

    Have you contacted support about this? I have never seen battery use this high myself - usually in the 3-5% range and I have about 7 accounts in Airmail. It pretty much mirrors the use that Apple mail uses. So I'd start with them first. I've found with some high battery use issues in other apps deleting and re-installing the app can fix it.

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