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Make actions on individual emails in conversation thread

Sometimes i need to take an action on individual email in a thread, like i want to mark an email as "Todo" or "Memo", what happens currently is that all the email thread affected by the action. I can't mark an email in the thread as "todo" and another one as "memo".

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  • Tom Houston commented  · 

    This is a real problem that you can't address individual messages in a thread. I frequently want to delete specific emails without deleting them all.

  • Joe commented  · 


  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree as well. the ability to deal with a single email in a conversation is key.

  • Milos commented  · 

    100% agree. The biggest problem is the action is performed even on sent messages in the conversation if sent messages are contained in. E.g. if I archive whole conversation from Inbox folder, messages I have sent (messages from Sent folder) are moved to archive folder too. This is very nonstandard behaviour.

  • Cristian commented  · 

    This function is really needed, please add!

  • Didier commented  · 

    Agree with this too. I can't find how to work on individual e-mails within a conversation and this gets very annoying. I am currently considering a switch to airmail, but this is one feature that I find particularly unpleasant in airmail and that even leads to unpredictable behaviour on my computer (using an exchange account), where messages appear sometimes 3 or even 5 times in a conversation according to airmail, while there is actually only one message on the server (when I check on the Exchange webmail).

  • JR commented  · 

    100% agree. I often want to trash or label a single email in a conversation. I assumed this would work and have been very frustrated that operations affect the entire conversation.

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