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Please fix Badge Count

No badge count update when app is closed without "server badge count" enabled. With it enabled the count is way off until the app is opened. Should be an easy fix.

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Nappy Head shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Chris Russell commented  · 

    Badge count is useless in its current state. Each of my devices shows a different count and even the counts on the individual devices fluctuate wildly throughout the day. Please address this fundamental issue

  • Chuck commented  · 

    This issue is really driving me away from this app. I hear the notification sound, it wakes up the iphone but nothing is on my lock screen nor is my badge icon showing anything. If I enter the app, the new email is there and is I exit the app, THEN the badge is updated with the proper count.

    This really shouldn't be a hard fix. You KNOW I got an email since you play the sound and wake up my phone.

  • Kevin commented  · 

    Badges are inaccurate and lag behind badly. I have server badge enabled and there are daily examples where badge count is inaccurate

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I no longer have any badges. Regardless of "use server badge" setting.

  • Ray commented  · 

    Yes PLEASE fix the badge count update issue. If I handle an email from OSX the badge count on IOS is not updated. Would also like to see the lock screen preview deleted if I handle on OSX. I want to use Airmail ios but cannot until issues are fixed.

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