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Badge icon won't update.

Badge icon updating stopped working: Right now Airmail for mac shows the badge counter and ios app shows nothing. Also, when trashing or archiving message it would be nice if the next message opened instead of bouncing back to the list of messages. Thanks!

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  • Lukas commented  · 

    I'm experiencing the same issue right now on IOS 11.2.1.
    Unfortunately, I can't find the settings Robin mentioned. Probably they got removed with an update(?)

  • Patrick commented  · 

    Same problem here. If I receive an email, the badge counter on Airmail iOS is incremented. When I read that email on Airmail OSX I expect the badge to be cleared on iOS, but it does not update.

    I don't see a Server Badge Count option in Airmail iOS settings.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I have sorted out after switching ON option in Badge App Icon , Notification, Email, Exchange, Badge icon. Thank Steven who guided me.

  • Ingemar Björling commented  · 

    Hi Admin

    I have the same issue as Robin and Jordan had, but with version 1.6.9. When I go to General > Notifications I have a lot of options and settings, but there aint any Advanced > Server Badge Counter. Neither can I find server count option in the notification preferences.
    For now i have Apple Mail and Airmail side by side to see if there is any new mail. I use Iphone 6 with iOS 10.3.3.

  • Jordan commented  · 

    I had this issue as well, Robin is correct—that solved the problem for me. To be clear, all I wanted is to see badge count for new mail, not all unread mail.

  • Robin de Groot commented  · 

    I found out today that you need to turn on a few things to show the badge icon for Airmail.

    I’ve noticed that Airmail can (without background refresh) to show the badge app icon for e.g. new e-mails. It seems you have to set a few things within the Airmail > Settings > General > Notifications > Advanced > ‘Server Badge Counter’ was turned off. I’m now seeing immediately the notifications/badge app icon when a new e-mail comes in. It probably does need then to have access to your e-mail and use their third party server to push this.

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